Posted by Mr. Tod on Mar 24th 2020

Entrepreneurs are often celebrated for the supposed great amount of courage it took to start their businesses.  In fact, you'll here some founders talk about how scared they were prior to leaving their jobs in corporate America in pursuit of their passions.  They often describe the uncertainty they faced leaving behind the security of a weekly paycheck.  I agree, with uncertainty comes a certain degree of apprehension, anxiety and nervousness.  However, starting a business is usually not a life or death proposition. 

As we battle today's novel coronavirus pandemic, aka COVID-19, it's important to acknowledge the folks who define what being courageous really means. The first responders like EMT's, police officers and firemen who are often the first on the scene, as was the case with 9/11 and other tragic events.  And because so much is still unknown about this deadly virus we must also recognize the everyday workers who deliver packages, man swamped grocery stores, and all the nurses, doctors and hospital staff that administer to the sick and worried.  Curfews, quarantines and social distancing don't really help those who lead the fight.

Remember,  the worst thing that can happen when starting a business is that you have to start over.  And although the stress and emotions associated with having to restart can trigger potentially deadly side effects, more times than not, and personally speaking, we can just dust ourselves off, get up and give it another shot.  

The courageous ones up front don't always get another shot.  Let's keep them in our prayers and thank them every chance we get.

Mr. Tod

p.s.  A classic video orchestrated by Quincy Jones.  Let's try and name everyone.

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