The Evolution of A Brand

The Evolution of A Brand

Posted by Mr. Tod on Dec 29th 2023

TRUE STORY: When I first created the Mr. Tod's Pie Factory name I had no idea what kind of logo I wanted. What I did know is that I didn't want anyone to know who Mr. Tod was thinking they might not buy pies from someone who didn't look like them.

My goal was to create enough brand equity that one day Mr. Tod's Pie Factory would become Mr. Tod's....Just like Starbucks Coffee became Starbucks and Panera Bread became Panera.

So I'm in Downtown New Brunswick one day having business cards made and a Rutgers University student overhears my conversation and says, "gimme $25 and I'll design a logo for you." And just like that, the MR. TOD'S PIE FACE LOGO was born.

Fast forward to Shark Tank and it was Barbara Corcoran who first told me to lead with my face. But I still wasn't ready to do so and continued with the Pie Man.

Then on the heels of George Floyd, the pandemic and lots of time to think, I connected with a group of creatives led by Mauro Borges named the The Art of Good and they convinced me to make the change.

A guess you can call it the evolution of a brand if you will.......

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