Posted by Mr. Tod on May 7th 2023

FUN FACT: In 1999 my orginal plan was to create an online marketplace for all things dessert. A website where you could order the best pies, cookies, cakes etc, and we would serve as the broker/clearinghouse if you will.

So I bought the domain WHYBAKE.COM and registered a vanity number, 888-WHY-BAKE (I just missed getting the 800 area code!) with plans to put billboards in all the major cities. (made it as far as Midtown Atlanta - see below) I called on all the major VC’s from Sequoia Capital to Andreessen Horowitz to Bessemer Venture Partners, you name it.

Things didn’t go as planned and the aftermath resulted in me earning my first MBA in the streets and it became the story upon which my Shark Tank appearance was based.

I still own the domain and we use the toll free number to this day.

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