The Home Of Sweet Potato Pie

The Home Of Sweet Potato Pie

Posted by Mr. Tod on Oct 4th 2023

As they say down South....We finna have some fun with this!

Given our hyper focus on making Mr. Tod's a household name, we certainly know which product to lead with:

- Culturally the #1 food item (not just dessert) in the African-American community

- A product that resonates within the Black community; who's spending power exceeds $1 trillion

- The pie Mary Bethune sold as a fundraiser to save her fledgling private all girls school in Daytona, Florida, which went on to become Bethune Cookman University

- A Southern staple in the homes and on the holiday dinner tables of many regardless of race

- Given it's cultural significance, a product that is highly defensible from a mass marketing perspective - not everyone can be the Sweet Potato Pie King or Queen

My Godfather told me years ago, "Anyone can make a pie, but not everyone can build a brand."

This extension will go along ways towards helping us achieve that goal of solidifying Mr. Tod's as the #1 brand of Sweet Potato Pie in America.


Mr. Tod

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